Costa Daurada


The Costa Daurada (The Golden Coast) extends to the south of the Catalonia region and is famous for it's many long beaches with very clear and fine sand.

Costa Daurada has not only beaches but also offers many historic tourist attractions. Not to be overlooked is the Roman city of Tarragona,- which has a historic centre. Roman structures, such as the amphitheatre, can be found all over the city and surrounding areas.

There are many little-known, charming towns from the Roman era as well as historic fishing villages with a romantic and unique flair.



Costa Daurada is an aqua paradise for children and adults. The Port Aventura theme park, one of the best water theme parks in Europe, will thrill children and adults alike with its many attractions and activities in and out of the water


Costa Brava


The Costa Brava (The Wild Coast) is located in the north of Catalonia and is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters bordering romantic, picturesque villages with a warm Mediterranean ambiance.


The city of Girona is a very important city in the coastal hinterland. More than a thousand years of history can be discovered in the old town, with its cathedral and in the alleyways of the old Jewish quarter.


To discover the beauty of the Costa Brava and understand its name you need to experience its nature. Here the Pyrenees mountains meet the vast splendour of the Mediterranean coastline with small fishing villages and idyllic coves, like the ones of Calella de Palafrugell,- which should not be missed.
The Costa Brava is also an ideal starting point for visiting the nature park at Cap de Creus,- with its rich native fauna. There is also the volcanic region of La Garrotxa, with the impressive volcano Montsacopa in Olot.


A journey through the Costa Brava is a journey through many cultures and through a region that boasts thousands of years of civilization. Visit Greek houses and Roman temples in Empúries,- and follow the paths of the Iberians, Romans, the Visigoths and the Carolingians who have left their imprint in the region.


Embark on the footpaths of the painter Salvador Dalí and visit his birthplace Figueres and the picturesque coastal town of Cadaques, where he had his beachfront residence.

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