Ski in Andorra

More than 300 km of ski slopes

Andorra has snowy but sunny winters which make for excellent skiing conditions from December until the end of April. Come and ski with us in the sunny Pyrenees!
We can organize our clients' transportation from Barcelona International Airport El Prat to their hotels in Andorra along with a wide range of spa & wellness sessions and ski passes to some of the best ski slopes in Europe. All Eventhalia groups have a local representative at your disposal for any assistance needed during your stay.
There is no specific arrival,- nor departure day, and the length of your stay depends only on you. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to customize your trip to your exact needs.

You can find all our offers at
Take advantage of our ski packages special discounts when you buy online with us and configure the ski holiday with a ski pass to suit your budget.

We also offer many exciting attractions in the snow,- during the day or by moonlight. Below you will find only a few examples of what Eventhalia can do for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get the latest excursion programs in Andorra.

  • Mountain-guided snowshoe trekkings 
  • Excursions on snow scooters to access places that can't be reached with conventional transportation
  • Mushing: a snow excursion on dog sleds 
  • Dinners at the mountain restaurant at 2000 m high-altitude
  • Excursions into the night with the Gicafer vehicle - comfort and security for all types of terrain and weather conditions.
  • Helicopter excursions
  • Paragliding on skis
  • Diving into the mountain lakes - something extreme for those who love something unique 
  • and much more!
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